Worth Knowing

For your holiday in our apartments in Vienna, Austria

The following is useful information when you plan and prepare for your trip.


1. Arrival and departure

The check-in time is between 14:00h and 22:00h. In case of arrivals between 22:00h and 00:00h there is 10 Euro additional fee, for arrivals after 00:00h this fee is 20 Euro.

The check-out time is until 10:00h.  A late check-out until 16:00h is bookable for the price of 20 Euro. This additional service is a subject of request.

Your booking confirmation will give you information concerning the time of arrival and when the apartment must be vacated on the day of departure. The times of arrival and departure stated on your booking confirmation shall be in force at any time. You will receive the key to the apartment at the day of arrival in the apartment.

We would like to know the exact time of your arrival although this is within the period stated. If you are delayed, please inform us. Please note that even if you should arrive earlier than stated at the apartment, the key is handed out to you on the initially stated arrival time. Arrival at a later time than stated is only possible on prior inquiry and with acceptance from us. It is possible to come to an agreement regarding late arrival in return of a fee being paid.


2. Size and interior of the apartment

The square meters stated in the description are the inside measurements of the apartment. Our apartments are individualy and tastefully furnished according to the finest taste. The apartment contains blankets and pillows for the number of persons allowed in. The guests  don’t need to bring their own bed linen (sheet, pillowcase and duvet cover), tablecloths, towels, dishcloths, cleaning supplies, toilet paper etc. Everything is provided.


3. Maintenance and renovations

We always try to be proactive – to take measures before a problem occurs. Our preventive maintenance reduces the likelihood of emergencies, but a pipe is bound to burst eventually. As a responsible host we are always prepared for the inevitable.

Our apartments are regularly checked for problems and we make no exceptions. If it’s broken – we change it. Renovations are made on a regular basis. Keeping the apartment tidy and clean is a must for us. Off course if we have missed something our guests can contact us directly and inform us if something is not as it should be. We are always ready to help and solve a problem.


4. TV and Internet

Every apartment is equipped with a TV, cable TV and WiFi internet connection. All of those are free of charge for our guests. Upon arrival you will receive the password for the WiFi network.


5. The grounds

Our spacious, fully-furnished and quality serviced apartments offer great value for money. The apartments are located in central parts of city and offer a great starting point to explore the city. The great public transport system in Vienna will get you to your destination in minutes.


6. Pets

Keeping pets and also allowing pets of other guests in the apartments depends on the house rules of the building. Please, check the description of the chosen apartment if pets are allowed.


7. Smoking in the apartment

The smoking in our apartments is undesirable. As our policy is to give our guests freedom and respect their privacy, we cannot really control it. But we assure you that after every guest the apartments are being cleaned and deodorized (every odor is being neutralized) very well.


8. Allergies

Please, note that there might be other sources to allergies in the apartment even if the apartment is cleaned and pets are not allowed.


9. Construction noise

We cannot control construction activities in the area. There might be noise from construction activities near an apartment. Please, always bear in mind that modern society must go on.


10. Problems/complaints

If you, contrary to expectations, discover defects in the apartment or the inventory on arrival, please contact us within 24 hours after the defect was discovered. This complaint can be made through email but by telephone is preferred. Complaints concerning cleaning must be reported immediately. If your complaint does not lead to a satisfactory solution within a reasonable time-limit, please inform our office telephone number +43 676 6955 700 and we will seek to remedy the situation as soon as possible. A reduction in the rental price can only be claimed if it was not possible to remedy the problem.

If the remedy requires an unreasonably large effort, the remedy might consist of a replacement apartment. This decision shall be made at our discretion.

In case of a complaint, the tenant shall grant ApartmentsVienna a reasonable time-limit for a remedy or for the making good of the damage. Early departure without prior agreement with us is for the tenant’s own account and risk. The tenant risks that the rental agreement will not be terminated and he or she risks losing the right for compensation as the tenant makes a remedy or the making good of the damage or a relocation impossible through his or her departure.

If, in your opinion, a complaint does not lead to a satisfactory solution during your stay, please send us a written complaint including your booking details so that we can attend to the matter. Please send the complaint no later than 14 days after your rental period to vienna.apartments@gmail.com.


11. Central heating

Central heating means that the building has its own heat production such as a boiler with solid fuel such as coal or wood. Most of our apartments are with central heating.


12. Tips and Information

Find usefull tips and information here –


13. GPS Coordinates

The GPS coordinates provided are always directly to the apartments address.

1. Ortlieb N48° 13.0062′, E016° 19.7994′ Ortliebgasse 23, PLZ 1170 Hernals
2. Schoenbrunn N48° 11.1978′, E016° 20.4576′ Schönbrunnerstrasse 150, 1120 Meidling
3. Moriz N48° 11.3921′, E016° 20.6777′ Morizgasse 4, 1060 Mariahilf
4. Park Schoenbrunn N48° 10.8163′, E016° 19.098′ Tivoligasse 74, 1120 Meidling
5. Vienna Relax N48° 12.5149′, E016° 23.8481′ Schüttelstrasse 23-25A, 1020 Leopoldstadt
6. Vienna De Luxe N48° 13.6645′, E016° 21.2237′ Sobieskigasse 17, 1090 Alsergrund
7. City Center N48° 11.9165′, E016° 21.9444′ Faulmanngasse 3, 1040 Wieden
8. Mariahilf N48° 11.3443′, E016° 20.7558′ Linke Wienzeile 166, 1060 Mariahilf
9. Oval residence N48° 12.5441′, E016° 20.6922′ Tigergasse 19, 1080 Josefstadt
10. Vienna De Luxe 2 N48° 13.6645′, E016° 21.2237′ Sobieskigasse 17, 1090 Alsergrund
11. Vienna Art N48° 20.1068′, E016° 34.5842′ Bandgasse 7, 1070 Neubau
12. Margaret N48° 11.2315′, E016° 21.0792′ Kohlgasse 47, 1050 Margareten


If arriving with car

Always remember to bring your vehicle registration documents for your car and a valid driver’s license.